Shaped Steel Bar Grating

Shaped Steel Bar Grating

Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel

Feature: anti-corrosion, high load, lightweight, simple installation

Application: platform, metal ceiling, walkway and etc.


Shaped steel bar grating is a kind of steel bar grating that is made of ordinary steel grating by cutting, punching, bending and other processing according to the customer’s requirements. It has the characteristics of flexible structure, strong adaptability, easy installation, beautiful and practical.

Shaped steel grating is widely used in stair treads, platforms, trench covers, fences, partitions and other fields. It is a versatile modern building material.

The advantages of shaped steel bar grating:

  • Flexible structure: Because shaped steel grating is customized according to the customer’s requirements, it can meet different needs of size, shape, aperture, etc., and can adapt to various complex and special occasions and environments.
  • Strong adaptability: Because shaped steel grating is made of ordinary steel grating, it has all the advantages of ordinary steel grating, such as strong structure, smooth surface, anti-slip and wear-resistant, ventilated and transparent, easy to clean, etc.
  • Easy installation: Because shaped steel grating is pre-processed according to the customer’s requirements, there is no need to cut or adjust during installation. Just fix it according to the design drawings, saving time and cost.
  • Beautiful and practical: Because shaped steel grating can be surface treated and color selected according to the customer’s preferences and style, it has a good decorative effect and practicality, and can be coordinated with the surrounding environment.