Grating Clips

Grating Clips

Installation method: At least four sets of installation clips are used for each steel grid plate. It is best to install several more on the available supports for steel grid plates with large span

Application: Mainly used in steel structure platforms, ditch cover plates, stair pedals, etc.




Grating Clips are accessories for fixing steel grating. They consist of metal clips, bolts, and washers, which can quickly and firmly connect the steel grating with the supporting structure, without welding or drilling, easy to install and remove.

Grating Clips have the following advantages:

  • Durability: Grating Clips are made of high-quality carbon steel or stainless steel, with a surface treated by hot-dip galvanizing or electrostatic spraying, which can effectively prevent water, air, chemicals, and other corrosion of metal, and extend the service life.
  • Stability: Grating Clips can tightly fix the steel grating with the supporting structure, preventing the steel grating from loosening or shifting, and ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.
  • Flexibility: Grating Clips can choose the suitable model and size according to the different specifications and shapes of steel grating, adapting to various installation occasions and needs.
  • Economy: Grating Clips have low prices, easy installation, saving time and cost, and reduce maintenance expenses.

Grating Clips are widely used on the following occasions:

  • Fixing steel grating in stairs, platforms, channels, balconies, and other places in industrial and civil buildings.
  • Fixing steel grating in high temperature, high pressure, flammable and explosive environments such as sewage treatment, water supply, gardening, road, mining, power plant, chemical plant, etc.
  • Fixing steel grating in cable trays, antenna supports, isolation fences, and other places in industries such as electricity, communication, broadcasting, and so on.
  • Fixing steel grating in irrigation systems or water conservancy projects in fields such as agriculture, gardening, water conservancy, and so on.

There are three types of grating clips:

  • Type A: consists of an upper pressing plate with a double hook, a lower pressing plate with teeth, and an M8 hexagon cylindrical head bolt.
  • Type B: consists of an upper clamping plate with a double hook (one of which can be used to bracket the two adjacent steel lattice plates together), a toothed lower clamping plate, and an M8 hexagon cylindrical head bolt.
  • Type C: consists of an upper press plate with a double hook and an M8 hexagon head bolt soldered to a support member.