Press-locked Steel Bar Grating

Press-locked Steel Bar Grating

Feature: High strength, lightweight, smooth surface, anti-corrosion, etc.

Surface Shape: Plain, serrated and I type

Application: walkway, construction decoration, platform and etc.


Press-locked steel bar grating is a type of steel grating manufactured through high-pressure mechanical pressing, using flat steel and cross bars.  It has a robust structure, sleek surface, sophisticated appearance, slip resistance, wear resistance, ventilation, and transparency.

Press-locked steel bar grating finds extensive applications in municipal engineering, construction engineering, the petrochemical industry, the power industry, the metallurgy industry, the machinery industry, and other fields.

It serves as an ideal contemporary building material.

The advantages of press-locked steel grating are as follows:

  1. Strong structure: The high-pressure mechanical pressing ensures that both the flat steel and cross bars have excellent load-bearing capacity and impact resistance. Consequently, press-locked steel grating remains resistant to deformation or loosening.
  2. Smooth surface: The parallel arrangement of flat steel and cross bars results in a remarkably smooth and even surface for press-locked steel grating without causing any scratches on individuals or objects.
  3. Elegant appearance: The neat and uniform arrangement of both flat steel and cross bars enhances the visual appeal of press-locked steel grating while complementing its surroundings.
  4. Slip-resistant and wear-resistant: Surface treatment applied to both flat steel and cross bars endows press-locked steel grating with exceptional anti-slip properties along with remarkable wear-resistance capabilities making it safe for use on wet or rough ground surfaces.
  5. Ventilation & transparency: Due to gaps present between the flat steels and crossbars in its design configuration; press-locked steel gratings offer excellent ventilation properties allowing air circulation while also facilitating light transmission which effectively reduces temperature levels & noise pollution thereby improving overall air quality & lighting conditions.