Razor Barbed Wire

Razor Barbed Wire

Features: corrosion resistance, anti-aging, simple installation, etc.

Application: Mainly used for protecting and isolating organs, highways, railways, airports, border posts, buildings, gardens,apartments, and other places.

Razor barbed wire is made of high-quality low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, iron wire, galvanized wire, plastic-coated wire, and so on.

Preparation process: single-strand and double-strand thorn ropes.

Surface treatment: stainless steel wire, coated plastic wire, aluminum wire, galvanized wire, etc.

Advantages:  corrosion resistance, anti-aging, simple installation, and construction, strong barrier force, and simple and elegant appearance. It can be used in combination with other protective nets or can be used alone.

Razor gillnet is made of sharp Angle galvanized steel plate or stainless steel sheet to make the blade, and high tension steel wire to make a core wire combination of blocking equipment. Because the gillnet’s unique shape is not easy to touch, it can achieve an excellent protective isolation effect.

The linear blade gill net is formed by cross-welding the linear blade gill net and can be used for anti-theft Windows, high-speed guardrails, and isolation grating.  The construction is rapid and the effect is remarkable.