Steel Fence

Steel Fence

Application:Residential, commercial or industrial premises; Hospitals and schools; The stadium; University; The activity center; Parking lot; etc.


Steel fence, as a pre-fabricated tubular panel, plays an important role in securing properties and stock no matter residential, commercial or industrial applications. It is popular and widely used for four reasons as follow:

  • Installing steel fences, with strong structure, efficiently keep your family, office, factory even stock safe and prevent would to be intruders from entering.
  • Capable to offer a sense of security to your family, especially those living in thinly settled areas.
  • Installing steel fences to your house will effectively add significant resell value and make your houses more popular than others without steel fences.
  • Steel fences are also ideal for keeping your small children and pets in – that means the fences efficiently avoid them walking out to street and get hurt.

Steel fences are welded together or joined with rivets and the material is highly resistant to rust. Standard steel does not resist corrosion but galvanized steel does.

  • Strong and durable with long lifespan.
  • Excellent weather resistance thanks to superior coating.
  • Perfect protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Elegant and modern appearance.
  • Easy to follow the terrain of ground.
  • Attractive price yet in high quality.
  • Various applications such as for schools, parking lots, etc.
  • Easy and quick to install – no need of special tools.
  • Low maintenance.