Grate Fence

Grate Fence

Material: low carbon steel, stainless steel

Surface treatment: Untreated, hot DIP galvanized, cold DIP galvanized, painted, powder coated, pickling, electrolytic polishing, or as customers’ requirement.

Application: petroleum and chemical, port, power, transportation, papermaking, medicine, steel and iron, food, municipality, real estate, manufacturing


Grate Fence is a fence product made of steel grating. It consists of steel grating, square tube, or flat steel as columns, installed by embedded or iron expansion bolts, with a surface treated by hot-dip galvanizing or electrostatic spraying, with features of beauty, firmness, durability, safety, and so on.

Grate Fence has the following advantages:

  • Beauty: Grate Fence’s steel grating can choose different specifications and colors according to the customer’s needs, which can coordinate with the surrounding environment, and increase the visual effect.
  • Firmness: Grate Fence’s steel grating and columns are connected by fasteners, which can withstand large impact force and load, and ensure the stability of the fence.
  • Durability: Grate Fence’s surface is treated by hot-dip galvanizing or electrostatic spraying, which can effectively prevent water, air, chemicals, and other corrosion of steel, and extend the service life.
  • Safety: Grate Fence’s steel grating has an open structure, which can effectively prevent water accumulation, snow accumulation, sand accumulation, and other phenomena, avoiding pedestrians or vehicles from slipping or falling into danger.

Grate Fence is widely used on the following occasions:

  • Exterior wall decoration, balcony railing, garden fence, and other places in industrial and civil buildings.
  • Isolation fence or barrier in high temperature, high pressure, flammable and explosive environments such as sewage treatment, water supply, gardening, road, mining, power plant, chemical plant, etc.
  • Protective cover or cover for pipeline wells or maintenance ports of industries such as electricity, communication, broadcasting, and so on.
  • Protection or decoration for irrigation systems or water conservancy projects in fields such as agriculture, gardening, water conservancy, and so on.