Hot Dipped Galvanized Drainage Cover

Hot Dipped Galvanized Drainage Cover

Material: Low carbon steel or stainless steel

Feature: high strength, light structure, best drainage, theft-proof design

Application: road, square, highway, railway, etc.


A drainage cover is a steel plate used to cover trenches, drains, manholes, and other places. It is composed of flat steel and cross bars according to a certain spacing orthogonal combination, fixed by welding or pressure lock into an open steel structure. The cross bars usually use twisted square steel, but can also be round steel or flat steel. The material is divided into carbon steel and stainless steel.

Hot dipped galvanized drainage cover has the following advantages:

  • Corrosion resistance: Drainage cover is treated with hot-dip galvanizing, which can effectively prevent water, air, chemicals, and other corrosion of steel, and extend the service life.
  • Lightweight: The drainage cover is much lighter than traditional concrete or cast iron covers, making it easy to transport, install and maintain.
  • Aesthetic: The drainage cover has a smooth and flat surface, with a variety of specifications and colors to choose from, which can coordinate with the surrounding environment.
  • Safety: The drainage cover’s open structure can effectively prevent water accumulation, snow accumulation, sand accumulation, and other phenomena, avoiding pedestrians or vehicles from slipping or falling into danger.
  • Ventilation: The drainage cover’s open structure can ensure air circulation inside the trench, reducing odor and pollutants.

Drainage cover is widely used on the following occasions:

  • Drainage systems in public areas such as urban roads, sidewalks, squares, gardens, etc.
  • Manholes in high-temperature, high-pressure, flammable, and explosive environments such as industrial zones, power plants, chemical plants, etc.
  • Pipeline wells for infrastructure such as electricity, communication, post, etc.
  • Irrigation systems in fields such as agriculture, gardening, water conservancy, etc.