Crowd Control Fence

Crowd Control Fence

Feature: environmental protection, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, long service life, beautiful and generous, and etc.


A crowd control fence, also known as a security fence, is a temporary fence usually used in areas of activity or where large crowds are expected.

Crowd control fences are usually made of steel or aluminum and are designed to form a physical barrier between the crowd and the area that needs to be protected.

Crowd control fences can be used in a variety of settings, including concerts, festivals, sporting events, and protests.

Fences are usually set up before the event begins and then closed when the event ends. The use of crowd control fences helps ensure the safety of event participants and the property that needs to be protected.

If you are planning an event or need to secure an area, consider using a crowd control fence. Crowd control fences help ensure the safety of all involved.


  •  Temporary fencing to protect construction sites and private property.
  • Temporary fence for residential land.
  • Temporary fences and crowd control barriers for major public areas.
  • Events, sports, concerts, festivals, parties, etc.
  • Temporary safety fence for swimming pool.