Stainless Steel Handrail Stanchion

Stainless Steel Handrail Stanchion

Stainless steel handrail pillars are widely used in stairs, balconies, corridors, and other places, which can improve safety and decoration.


Stainless steel handrail stanchion is a kind of metal component used to fix and support stainless steel handrails, usually made of stainless steel pipe, plate, bolt, etc.

There are many specifications and models of stainless steel handrail pillars, which can be divided into ground type, side type, embedded, and so on according to the different installation positions and methods.

According to the shape and Angle of the handrail, it can be divided into straight lines, arc form, corner type, etc.

According to the material and diameter of the handrail, it can be divided into round tubes, square tubes, flat tubes, and so on.

The characteristics or advantages of stainless steel handrail stanchion :

  • Corrosion resistance: Stainless steel handrail pillar is made of stainless steel material, with good oxidation resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt-resistance, and other media corrosion ability, and can adapt to a variety of harsh environments.
  • Aesthetic: The surface of the stainless steel handrail pillar can be treated in different ways, such as wire drawing, polishing, plating, etc., showing different glosses and colors, coordinating with the architectural style and decorative style, increasing the beauty and grade.
  • Robustness: Stainless steel handrail pillar has high strength and hardness, can withstand greater load and impact, not easy to deformation and fracture, to ensure the stability and safety of the handrail.
  • Easy to clean: stainless steel handrail pillar surface is smooth and flat, not easy to be contaminated with dust and stains, with good self-cleaning performance, just wipe it with a wet cloth to keep it clean and tidy.