Irregular Steel Bar Grating

Irregular Steel Bar Grating

Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel

Feature: anti-corrosion, high load, lightweight, simple installation

Application: platform, metal ceiling, walkway and etc.


Irregular steel bar grating is a type of steel bar grating that is fabricated from ordinary steel grating through cutting, punching, bending, and other processing methods to customer requirements. It possesses the characteristics of a flexible structure, strong adaptability, easy installation, as well as being aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Irregular steel grating finds extensive applications in stair treads, platforms, trench covers, fences, partitions, and various other fields. It serves as a versatile modern building material.

The advantages of irregular steel bar grating are as follows:
1. Flexible structure: Irregular steel grating can be customized to meet diverse needs regarding size, shape aperture, etc., making it suitable for complex and specialized environments.
2. Strong adaptability: Being made from ordinary steel grating ensures that irregular steel grating inherits all the benefits such as robust structure, smooth surface finish anti-slip properties wear resistance ventilation transparency ease of cleaning, etc.
3. Easy installation: Pre-processing according to customer requirements eliminates the need for cutting or adjustments during installation; simply fix it based on design drawings which saves time and cost.
4. Aesthetic appeal and practicality: Surface treatment options along with color selection allow shaped steel gratings to have both decorative effects while remaining functional; they can harmonize with their surrounding environment.