Stair Tread

Stair Tread

Feature: high strength, high bearing capacity, anti-skid, extreme temperature resistance, etc.

Application: factories, schools, parks, stadiums, and other different civil and commercial buildings.



Steel grating stair treads are a kind of stair treads made of steel grating, also called grating stair treads, treads, steps, step treads, etc., which are an important part of stairs, used to bear the weight of people or objects and provide a safe walking space.   Steel grating stair treads are widely used in petroleum and chemical, port, power, transportation, papermaking, medicine, steel and iron, food, municipal, real estate, manufacturing, and other industries.

The advantages of steel grating stair treads

  • Steel grating stair treads have good anti-slip performance because they adopt a mesh structure composed of bearing bars and twisted bars, which can increase friction and prevent people or objects from slipping or falling on the stairs.
  • Steel grating stair treads have good ventilation performance because they adopt an open mesh structure, which can effectively drain water and dust, keeping the stairs dry and clean.
  • Steel grating stair treads have good durability performance.   After hot-dip galvanizing treatment, a hard zinc layer is formed on the surface, which can effectively resist oxidation and corrosion, extending the service life.
  • Steel grating stair treads have good economic performance.   Because of the standardized modular design and manufacture, the construction is convenient and fast, without painting and maintenance, saving labor and material costs.
  • Steel grating stair treads have good aesthetic performance, which can coordinate with the surrounding environment and architectural style, increasing the beauty and taste of the building.

Notice: Stair treads can be made of any type of grate steel, the size can also use non-standard specifications.